Probably Nothing Labs

We're building Gigabrain, the next generation blockchain indexing architecture for Web3 as well as Cross Stitch our live mempool introspection product

Use our hosted Functions-as-a-Service platform for processing complex on chain events on Ethereum and Solana for...

Realtime monitoring of DeFi positions, Wallet balances and NFT marketplaces
Powering your own Indexers and Data APIs suited for your apps
Running live SQL against Cross Stitch, our mempool product woven across our globally distributed set of Ethereum nodes
Near-instantaneous detection of MEV (Maximal/Miner Extractable Value) activity in the latest blocks to protect you against front running by trading bots
Running complex stateful graph queries against the tip of the chain
Powering sophisticated applications that react to on-chain events as they happen...

Crafted by the team that built the realtime ridesharing marketplaces at Uber and Lyft as well as ML Platforms at Coinbase...
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Next Generation Data Infrastructure for Web3

We are building Gigabrain, a multi-chain Indexer-as-a-Service now available for Ethereum and Solana.

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Our Platform

Real-time Event Processing

Run complex stateful aggregations for on-chain events as soon as - or before - they show up on the blockchain.

Advanced Smart Contract Parsing

Never worry about protocol-specific contracts or ABIs ever again with our versioned smart contract registry.

Live Mempool Monitoring

Run live SQL against the Ethereum mempool.

Detect MEV (miner/maximal extractible value) activity in real-time and protect yourself against trading bots.

Scalable Indexer-as-a-Service

Build flexible data backends to power your own apps within days.

Unleash large-scale analytics against the datalake generated by our indexer.

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Why Probably Nothing?

Built By

A veteran team that built the real-time ride sharing Marketplaces at Uber and Lyft as well as ML infra at Coinbase.

Backed By

Backed by Y Combinator

Powered By

Cutting-edge tech in data infra. We were early contributors to Apache Flink as well as Apache Spark.